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The Team



Washington Navarro

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Business Development


Betsy Navarro

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Business Analyst

Latin America


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Community Engagement Program Manager


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Marketing Specialist USA & Latin America

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Software Engineer 

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The Mentors


Our Mission and Vision

The Entrepreneurial World is deliberately focused on creating an ecosystem that helps underserved communities establish financial stability worldwide by learning, understanding, and practicing entrepreneurial skills in college and university students.

We offer entrepreneurial programs and tools for students who envision becoming innovators and business owners one day. 


Our Origins

While in college, I focused on finishing my studies. After passing class after class toward my degree, I realized how to connect the skills I was developing to my abilities. This enlightenment caused every project, homework, and event to become an activity catered to me. My engagement, development, and network grew toward my personal goals while acquiring knowledge in my classes. This mindset helped me to excel. At the same time, I noticed that few students had the same vision as me, and I witnessed many people not getting access to or being aware of the opportunities presented to me.


To help others grow their vision and connect it to their education, I develop an environment to propel innovative mindsets to expand their vision, connect, and share experiences. The Entrepreneurial World was born.


We are a community of innovative minds developing and using entrepreneurial skills to support each other, sharing business development skills, networks, and opportunities to succeed.


Now that network is coming to you.


Founder's Mission

I believe it is my responsibility to share the knowledge I have collected over the years and to offer others the same opportunities granted to me.

​My knowledge and experience in Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Software Development, combined with my understanding of the business structure, have helped me mentor more than 500 students worldwide and count. Thanks to those who supported me, I wake up every morning and overcome my professional challenges with love for Technology, Innovation, Marketing, and TeamWork. I want to do the same for you. 

The more I learn, the more I want to share. My job is not done.

Washington Navarro

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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