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About Me

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The University of Texas at San Antonio

The United States of America



My name is Fernando and I born and raised in the San Antonio area. I finished my undergrad at UTSA and received a B.S. in Kinesiology in 2017 and again in 2020 for a B.B.A in Management. I have multiple passions and would like to hopefully be able to do it all. Being an entreprenuer allows for me to persue all my interest anytime I want to, and that is freedom to me.

Personal Vision

Right now I'm setting the ground work for my future. I am a founding member and partner in a moble applications development company we named Iron Bear LLC. We launched our first app this year (Embrace eSports Leagues) and continuosly working to improve it from the feedback we are given. In five years I'll also have a familiy owned real estate investment firm.

Personal Vision

Some of my short term goals is finishing my creditialing. I'll be getting my real estate license in 2022, have enough saved to purchase my first rental property by 2024, and have multiple properties by 2026. All while continuing to grow the mobile app company to its full potential. Becoming a more established networker will be key to the cieling of my future success.

Entrepreneurial Projects

Like I said before my company is continues to develop an eSport League creation and scheduleing app. It is in its early stages of release and were trying to release updates weekly to bi-weekly. Right now we're working of improved league functions.

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Business Management

Analytical (critical thinking -problem solving)

Calm Under Pressure

Finacial Analysis

Customer service

Team player and leadership






De Luna Miller




My area of expertise is Management


I will like to learn more Technology

I will like to learn more about Marketing

Currently working for

Iron Bear LLC


Managing Member - Chief of Operations and Finances

Mi industria de interés es

53 Real Estate & Rental & Leasing

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