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About Me

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The University of Texas at San Antonio

The United States of America


Hello, I am a senior at UTSA with a major in Business Management. I am from Eagle Pass TX. it is a border town with Piedras Negras Coahuila, so most of my family is from Mexico. I am fluent in English and Spanish, a fun fact about me is that spanish is my first language and I was born in Emporia Kansas. I am very interested in learning how to start a business of my own and be able to succeed.

Personal Vision

In a few years I would love to be the owner of my own business and helping others as well find a passion in something they love and able to build up something of their own. Even though I see myself owning a business and I know it takes a lot of work and time in 5 years I also see myself starting a family and being able to be someone they look up to from all my hard work.

Personal Vision

My network can help me achieve my goal by having others look up to me and see me as someone who is able to accomplish anything i set my mind too.

In a short run I am trying to accomplish learning how to build my own business and be a successful business and from what i learn also be able to teach others.

The step I need to take next is to try hard in my entrepreneur class to get a lot of info.

Entrepreneurial Projects

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Bilingual: Spanish and English

Fast learner

Customer service skills

Time management

Effective verbal and written communication skills

Computer skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and interpersonal skills






My area of expertise is Management


I will like to learn more about Management

I will like to learn more about Marketing

Currently working for

JPL Main Library at UTSA


Student Assistant

Mi industria de interés es

53 Real Estate & Rental & Leasing

Datos de contacto



Phone Number




X (Twitter)



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