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About Me

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The University of Texas at San Antonio

The United States of America


I grew up in Montbello, Colorado a not so well known town, but nonetheless a very cold town. I love cold weather and I prefer mountains over beaches. At a young age I fell in love with soccer and I was fourtanate enough to play all over the world. I also enjoy beat boxing in my free time. You can usually catch me doing just about anything because I have a very curious mind and I am a fast learner.

Personal Vision

Down the road I would like to be the first person to be able to speak 20 languages and also 5 computer languages. I would like to see myself starting up either something insanely out of the box such as the first fast food resturaunt for animals/pets or starting up something close to my heart like running data that teaches coaches how to keep their players safe. I would also like to write an autobiography or a poetry book. Oddly enough I would also like to climb K2.

Personal Vision

My goal is to learn Greek fully by next year. I would also like to start my masters degree in Luxembourg so I can start learning both German and Python. I want to graduate from UTSA with my bachleors in science of statistics and data science with a minor in supply chain management and a certificate in system opperations. I would also like to earn my citizenship from Luzembourg after living there for five years.

Entrepreneurial Projects

I would like to run data on young kids and how they get injured and what diets work best for athletes to keep them both healthy and safe,

I also have the idea of running the worlds first pet fast food chain, where people can bring their pets into the resturaunt and give feed them gourmet fast food meals. I would like for this fast food chain to have a small indoor or outdoor park for pets to play in.

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I speak English, Spanish, French, SAS and R. I am excellent at communicating ideas through a chain of command. I have logical and critical think skills when it comes to computations, I can run and orginize many of my computations through Excel. I am a people person not just locally but globally, I get along very well with others and can collaborate in various projects. I studied abroad in France, so I have a good grasp around international buisness and European buisness. I have taken various corses on supply chain and have expertise in management and logistics.


Garcia Chavez




My area of expertise is Technology


I will like to learn more about Accounting

I will like to learn more about Finance

Currently working for

Taco Bell



My Industry of interest is

21 Mining

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