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My area of expertise is Technology
I will like to learn more about Management


The University of Texas at San Antonio
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The United States of America

Currently working for...

Graduate Student


My name is Devin. I am from Vietnam. I have been in the United States for nine years. It was a culture shock when I first set foot in the United States. However, living in another culture motivates and inspires me to strive for success. I graduated with my Bachelor's Business Administration in Cybersecurity and Information Systems at UTSA and currently pursuing my Master of Science in MOT.

Personal Vision

My ultimate goal is to connect people to technology.

Technology is growing at a breakneck pace. Technology innovates new products and services. It is an excellent opportunity for everyone to acquire the latest and most suitable piece of technology to grow or restructure their businesses and thrive.


I want to learn more about management and entrepreneurship.

I want to finish my MS degree in Management of Technology in the next two years.

I want to get certified in Project Management.

I want to incorporate the skills of an entrepreneur and a manager to advance my career.


Business management skill

Teamwork and leadership

Communication and listening

Customer service

Critical thinking

Programming and data analytics

Entrepreneurial Projects

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Contact Info


6713 Wayman Ridge

My Industry of interest is

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