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I am

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My area of expertise is Management
I will like to learn more about Marketing


The University of Texas at San Antonio
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My Organization is not listed - I'll send an email to update the list
The United States of America

Currently working for...

Kinective Fitness
Front desk attendant


I am a UTSA Student majoring in business managment. I obviously want to become an entrepreneur and start my own business but what type of business... im still not to sure about it. Ive always been into fitness so perhaps a gym or a supplement store.

Personal Vision

I would like to be drifting on the mountains of tokyo with my freinds in 5 years with my brand new imported car. How will i achieve this goal ?? simply by reading more books and learning about the things i wanna do by working in that specific industry. I will also pursue my dreams by seeking managment positions while also learning how to market myself and practice for the future.


My network can help me achieve my vision by providing me with willing investors and potential business partners.

my goal is start a company and make a legacy for my family name.


business managment skills

sales experience

critical thinker

quick thinker

problem solver

quick learner

Entrepreneurial Projects


an app that shows customers when a parking spot is available. An app that basically solved parking issues

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Contact Info


My Industry of interest is

42 Wholesale Trade
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