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About Me

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The University of Texas at San Antonio

The United States of America


My name is Chinelo Ogogor, I am from San Antonio, TX, but my family is originally from Nigeria. I attended Wichita State pursuing Biomedical Engineering while competing in Division 1 Volleyball in the American Athletic Conference. Now, I’m finishing up my degree at the University of Texas at San Antonio.It has been amazing being back home in San Antonio, TX, and rediscovering the city through the eyes of abundance and opportunity.Programs at UTSA and Entrepreneurial World have opened my eyes to the vast possibilities that exist in this city and a world where I know anyththing is possible.

Personal Vision

I will develop a multifaceted business that spans multiple industries. For example, I am currently focusing on medical devices and innovating the healthcare industry to assist underrepresented and overlooked sectors that have been neglected for years, such as women's healthcare. However, in the coming years, I am going to expand into other fields in medical technology, scientific research, creative directing, and philanthropy. While also developing my personal brand.

Personal Vision

  • My initial plan is to start a medical device company and design a product specifically for women's healthcare. Understanding medical technology commercialization and how to get my product to market are important components of this.
  • Conducting relevant background research on the women's health sector and the healthcare system in general by talking to stakeholders like medical professionals, health insurers, and patients.
  • I also want to develop my entrepreneurial skills further and lay a solid foundation to be the best leader that I can be.
  • Get a job in healthcare data science.

Entrepreneurial Projects

I'm working on a medical device company for women's healthcare and conducting scientific research. While also developing my own personal brand through a creative project.

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  • Pattern Recognition Skills
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strategic thinking
  • Efficient and Fast learner
  • Drive and Resiliency
  • Literacy and Writing
  • Ability to explain complex topics to help others understand
  • Compassion and Understanding
  • Logistical Reasoning and Intuition
  • Integrity and High Morals






My area of expertise is Technology


I will like to learn more about Management

I will like to learn more about Marketing

Currently working for

Advanced Women's Center


Clinical Research Associate

My Industry of interest is

62 Healthcare & Social Assistance

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