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About Me

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The University of Texas at San Antonio

The United States of America


I'm Lauren, a self starter entrepreneur. I'm an actuarial science student, and I also am an officer to AMA and ASA. I own a concrete business here in Texas, but currently we are working in Colorado on a line of grocery stores. I was one of the three companies that worked on the San Antonio Amazon site. I want to continue to grow as an actuary and as a business owner, but also deeply care about my business staying with the family and with who I know and trust.

Personal Vision

I want to be able to manage my small busienss, but also grow my own personal career. My business is a partnership LLC with me and my husband, so I want to be able to help him with the more white collar aspects. But, I still want to be able to be a professional for a separate entitiy as an actuary. I love the idea of my business staying as a family owned and operated business. I love serving companies and families, and being able to help them. Whether that be in my professional or entrepreneurial career.

Personal Vision

My goals are to grow my own small business and to learn how to do everything within my reigns.

I want to feel not as lost in my craft, and while it has been going good I always want to be better.

I want to continue to grow and find opportunities everywhere.

I want to continue to work towards passing all my actuary exams, all 7-8. I also, want to be able to help my business grow here in Texas for years and years to come. But, hopefully in a few years we can switch to mainly commercial.

Entrepreneurial Projects

Right now I own a small business that is almost 2 years old. I'm working on expanding that business and really growing to become a first contracted sort of company.


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Business management skills

Leadership skills

Teamwork and collaboration skills

Analytical and problem solving skills

Strategic skills

Planning skills

Time management skills

Financial skills






My area of expertise is Finance


I will like to learn more about Marketing

I will like to learn more about Management

Currently working for


My Industry of interest is

23 Construction

Contact Me


3302 Dovetree Lane



Phone Number




X (Twitter)



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