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I am

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My area of expertise is Technology
I will like to learn more about Finance


My School is not listed - I'll send an email to update the list
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Currently working for...


Ecuadorian Computer Science Student. I'm 22, speak Spanish, and learning French. Data Science for Social Good is my passion!!

Personal Vision

In 5 years I imagine myself founding an AI startup which mission would be to help to mitigate a social issue and bring women in my community the opportunity to work in this field.


Having exposure to a network of professionals will give me the opportunity to meet people with a vision similar to mine, to whom I can ask for advice, mentoring, collaboration, etc.

The first step to fulfill this goal would be to work in an AI startup focused on Social Good.


Teamwork and leadership skills

Analytical and problem-solving skills

Critical thinking skills

Technical skills

Time management and organizational skills

Strategic thinking and planning skills

Entrepreneurial Projects

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Contact Info

Pasaje Canton, Ecuador

My Industry of interest is

54 Professional Scientific & Technical Services
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