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Back To School: 5 Leadership Tips For College Students

Back To School: 5 Leadership Tips For College Students
Back To School: 5 Leadership Tips For College Students

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01 jul 2024, 1:50 p.m.

Interesting Article

About the Event

Ah, the end of summer! For millions of young adults, it's that bittersweet time marking the return to school. But don’t worry—college is where the real adventure begins.

Sure, you'll learn a lot from your professors, but the best lessons often come from outside the classroom. Your college years are packed with opportunities to grow, learn about yourself, and become a leader.

If I could hop in a time machine, here are the leadership tips I’d give my younger self:

  1.  Master the Art of Goal Setting: Setting goals is like giving yourself a map for success. Clear and ambitious goals keep you motivated and focused. Remember, good goals take time and courage to set. Aim high and don't be afraid to miss sometimes. Honest goal setting is a skill that pays off for life.
  2. Leave Your Door Open: In college, this means literally leaving your dorm room door open. It makes you approachable and helps you meet new people. Good leaders are always available and accessible.
  3. Get Out and Explore: Welcome to independence! Your college community is a melting pot of different backgrounds and experiences. Dive in! Volunteer, do community service, and really get to know the people around you. And don’t stop there. Consider studying abroad to truly expand your horizons. Traveling teaches independence, confidence, and self-sufficiency—all qualities of a great leader.
  4. Get Real Work Experience: Managing money is a crucial leadership skill. College jobs, whether in retail, food service, or elsewhere, teach you the basics of budgeting, cash flow, and saving. . Balancing work, school, and life is key to becoming a strong leader. 
  5. Join Clubs and Activities: Self-discovery isn’t a spectator sport. To grow, you’ve got to dive in, try new things, and learn from your mistakes. 

Colleges today have a mind-boggling array of clubs and activities. Find what excites you and get involved. Don’t just be a member—be a leader. If you don’t see a club that fits your interest, start one! 

Push your boundaries and develop your leadership skills now.

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