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The Entrepreneurial World fosters an innovative mindset in students through experiential learning in leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal and professional development.



Students have access to all the TEWo resources such as networking, our programs, our groups, our events, and more!



College administration has access to learning and purchasing our programs for their students! 

Group Seflie


Looking for students with innovation instilled in them? TEWo is here for all your recruitment needs! Post your job on our platform for our network to see and have access to our student roster!


Our programs aim develop leadership and professional skills through Entrepreneurial experiences


Meet likeminded people in your field of interest

Connect with the right people and find your mutual goals


Events created to connect with other minds like you

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"Aprendí de errores que a simple vista no se ven afectados pero si lo dejabas con el tiempo afectaría a tu empresa y haría que se viniera abajo todo tu esfuerzo y dedicación."

Scarlet Zamudio
Universidad de Guanajuato

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