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My area of expertise is Technology
I will like to learn more Technology


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The United States of America

Currently working for...

Department of Computer Science, Trinity University (San Antonio, Texas)
Student Research Assistant


Hello, my name is Corbin, and I'm an undergraduate student at Trinity University (San Antonio, Texas) pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, and I have work experience and skillsets in communicative/customer service functions as well as tools and technologies like programming in Python and building data visuals in Tableau.

Personal Vision

I've always thought about the power of schools in informing people's opportunities and economic mobility. My personal vision is to help make schools better reflect and advance the communities they serve-- perhaps through partnerships with local businesses to provide students with real-world professional experience and a rounded view of the world.


In the short run, I intend to expand my knowledge of what makes communities work and what leads entrepreneurial ventures to success. That's a really general goal because I like to leave the flexibility for my learning to come from myriad places, people, and experiences.


📝 Soft skills:

+ Teamwork; small group communication

+ Critical thinking/problem-solving

+ Customer service


💻 Technical/Tools:

+ Web development (Python, HTML, JavaScript/Node.js, REST API)

+ Data analysis (R, Tableau, Power BI)

+ Microsoft Office / Google G-Suite

Entrepreneurial Projects

More than anything else, I am looking to expand how I understand the role of entrepreneurship in communities. I'm a little new to the boots-on-the-ground business ideation and development side of things, but I like to think that's where the fun in learning comes from.

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My Industry of interest is

61 Educational Services
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