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I am

Juan Esteban
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My area of expertise is Technology
I will like to learn more about Operations


Universidad Nacional del Colombia
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Currently working for...

Trascender Global
Backend developer


Hi, I am Juanes, a tech lover.

I was born in Bogotá - Colombia, right now I'm living in Medellin - Colombia, I enjoy playing piano and dancing tropical rithms, one of the things I like more is learning new things about different topics. My biggest dream is to help to improve the situation in my country in search of a better quality of life for my people.

Personal Vision

1 Year: Start to work in a tech company with a community and vision that inspire me with the purpose of learning about the industry and increasing my network in this area.

3 Year: Use all the skills and knowledge that I gather in the past two years to start working on a proper idea.

5 Year: Have a lot of knowledge and experience in the entrepreneurial world to continue working on amazing ideas.



I am searching for new contacts, people with whom I can learn about this world by participating in projects or listening for advice. In the short term as I described I want to enter the industry and learn from amazing people about this tech world and the different problems that with that knowledge I can approach.


Technical skills

Communication and listening

Teamwork and leadership skills

Analytical and problem-solving skills

Strategic thinking and planning skills

Entrepreneurial Projects


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Contact Info

My Industry of interest is

54 Professional Scientific & Technical Services
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