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I am

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My area of expertise is Technology
I will like to learn more about Management


The University of Texas at San Antonio
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The United States of America

Currently working for...

The University of Texas at San Antonio
Business Relationship Manager (BRM)


Hello! I am Jake Erney, a BRM by day and student by night. I am getting my Master's degree in Management of Technology (MOT) at UTSA, where I also received my bachelor's in Public Relations and Business Administration. I am a dog dad, partner, brother, foodie, traveler, and plant enthusiast. The ideal Friday night includes a nice bar, an array of tapas, video games, and scootering around the city.

Personal Vision

My next goal is to obtain my Master's degree, which I hope will lead me to professional promotions. I aim to be an associate director or director within the next 5 years and lead a strategic initiative or communication group. Past the director level, my goal is to be a COO, CIO, or VP of Strategic Services (SS). With all this experience, I dream of owning an IT SS firm.


Further my education, take every opportunity as a learning experience, gain industry-specific certifications, publish, and present at conferences.


  • EdTech
  • ITIL Service Strategy
  • Project Management
  • IT Service Management
  • Teamwork/Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Technical and Marketable Writing

Entrepreneurial Projects

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Contact Info


San Antonio, TX, USA

My Industry of interest is

61 Educational Services
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