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My area of expertise is Finance
I will like to learn more about Operations


The University of Texas at San Antonio
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The United States of America

Currently working for...

Credit Human
Financial Health Manager


Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, I am skilled in financial services, portfolio management, and budgetary forecasting. I currently work at Credit Human, where I help members with their personal finances. I create spending plans to help members achieve financial benchmarks from buying their first home to retirement. I have been in the financial services industry for over eight years.

Personal Vision

Over the last year, I have been working to create financial literacy curriculums for different audiences. Over the next two years, I look to establish these courses in high schools and colleges around the city, along with several non-profit organizations that specialize in education. My hope is to establish an ongoing financial literacy series to better the community I serve.


Partner with five high schools before the start of the 2024 academic school year.

Form a partnership with UTSA and the Alamo Colleges within the next two years.

Within five years, establish a new division within my organization to manage community engagement with these financial courses.


Skilled in financial counseling & financial planning.

Background in portfolio management with some knowledge in budgetary forecasting.

Estabslished presenter and speaker.

Community advocate with strong customer service experience.

Team player and adaptive to new, ever-changing environments.

Entrepreneurial Projects

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My Industry of interest is

52 Finance & Insurance
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