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I am

Londoño Zuluaga
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My area of expertise is Operations
I will like to learn more about Management


Universidad Nacional del Colombia
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My Organization is not listed - I'll send an email to update the list

Currently working for...

SIS Marco Industrial S.A.S.
Engineering assistant


I am a Mechanical Engineering Student at the National University of Colombia. He works part-time at SIS Marco Industrial, first as a Hydraulic Technician Assistant and currently as an Engineering Assistant. He has a great capacity in project development and team work. I am interested in Mechanical Design, development and project management in engineering.


Personal Vision

I think that i can build a future where I work in the things than I like, with help to My environment and intelligent work


I am going to work around the world


Teamwork and leadership skills

Analytical and problem-solving skills

Critical thinking skills

Technical skills

Time management and organizational skills

Entrepreneurial Projects

I have a proyect of 3D Design, I upload publish to instagram with renders from my desings, the name of my instagram page is @3drealdesigner

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Contact Info

My Industry of interest is

54 Professional Scientific & Technical Services
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