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About Me

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The University of Texas at San Antonio

The United States of America


My name is Faidh Naife and I am 17 years old. Currently, I'm working towards my Computer Science Degree at UTSA. Furthermore, I am an entrepreneur and I'm looking for experience and perspective from others. Furthermore, I'm looking to find good business ideas to join as well as develop my own.

Personal Vision

In 5 years I will be 22 years old. In that time my future includes being a part-time paramedic and a second-year software engineer. Furthermore, I would like to own a couple if not many more digital businesses whether they be digital marketing or something like dropshiping. Finally, I want a substantial amount of money in my savings and even more to be invested in a diverse portfolio. Other than that I have no goals for my future.

Personal Vision

Gaining the proper skills and experience is crucial to me. I need to first get a computer science degree and get many different certifications to be able to land an internship. Afterward, I need to leverage my internship into a job. After that, I would like to become a freelance digital marketer and more to be able to create a digital marketing business. Therefore, currently, my goal is to keep a 4.0 GPA and complete 3 certificates by December.

Entrepreneurial Projects

Some ideas I have are

- digital marketing agency

- t-shirt design idea

- getting books pu

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I have many soft and technical skills. To start off I am a collaborative team member who currently is learning how to code and within a couple of months can simply build a website. Furthermore, I am CPR-certified and EKG technician-certified if that helps at all.






My area of expertise is Technology


I will like to learn more about Operations

I will like to learn more about Marketing

Currently working for


My Industry of interest is

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Contact Me


1 UTSA Circle, San Antonio, TX 78249, USA



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