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I am

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My area of expertise is Marketing
I will like to learn more about Operations


The University of Texas at San Antonio
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The United States of America

Currently working for...

James Avery Artisan Jewelry
Sales Associate


I am from San Antonio, but have ventured out to live in Florida for an internship at Disney World. I am currently learning Japanese since while I was working at Disney World, I noticed not many cast members spoke the language and we had a significant number of guests from Japan. I am currently working at James Avery as a Sales Associate where I am being trained for a management position.

Personal Vision

Within the next six to nine months, I aspire to enter into a management position at the company I currently work as either a Sales Team Leader or the lead of a specific department. Post-graduation I plan on becoming certified to teach English online.



  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Communication and Listening
  • Creative

Entrepreneurial Projects

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Contact Info

My Industry of interest is

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