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My area of expertise is Management
I will like to learn more about Management


The University of Texas at San Antonio
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The United States of America

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My name is Angela Posada. I'm 22 years old. I was born in San Antonio,TX. I have a larger family, the 2nd youngest of 5 siblings. I grew up in a military family, and lived in multiple places like Germany, Arizona, San Antonio. I attended Randolph and graduated from Randolph H.S. in 2016. I was extremly involved in basketball, volleyball, and went to state in cheerleading.

Personal Vision

I hope to graduate spring 2021 Bachelors in Business Management. I began my Chick-fil-A carrer my junior year of high school as a FOH team member. I stayed behind when Ryan relocated, became team team leader with the IM. My operator came in November 2016, became kitchen director,

Currently serve as the training director and serve at Grand openings as a CT.


My goal is to continute to grow with my operator as we move to a new location called Leon Springs. I will spend a year and a half helping establish a awesome team for him, before I leave. I plan to then join the LDP Leadership development program, travel for 2 years participating in grand openings and transistioning stores. In the next 5 years I plan on being a Chick-fil-A operator.


SERV Safe Certified

●  Excellent communication

●  Highly leadership calibrated

●  Quickly able to adapt and overcome

●  Conversational Spanish fluency

●  Able to work efficiently under pressure

●  Growth mindset

Entrepreneurial Projects

-Managed a team of trainers to abide by a training culture that is to protect and build a brand by creating a team that can execute at a high level with high standards of respect, honesty and hard work.

-Fully capable of engage and develop authority and peers.

-Analyze and respond to Chick-fil-A Reports.

-Produce weekly schedule based on the top 50%.



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My Industry of interest is

72 Accommodation & Food Services
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