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The University of Texas at San Antonio

The United States of America


Greetings everyone, my name is Jaztine Rodgers. I was born in Cebu, Philippines, and moved to Houston, Texas when I was 7. At 19, I moved to San Antonio, TX to pursue my undergraduate degree. In 2022 I graduated as First Gen. with my B.S. in Public Health! Fall of 2023 I began my journey as a dual master's student for my masters in Public Health and Business Administration. Bisaya/Cebuano is my native language but I am also a beginner in French, recently I learned that I am of Spanish descent and am on a personal journey of learning about my ancestry.

Personal Vision

My person vision is to work in sustainability efforts through ESG or impact investing. I am a keen believer that the way people invest has a direct impact on the health and well-being of the planet. I am actively seeking a career path that aligns with my passion for promoting sustainability, social responsibility, and public well-being. Specifically, I am enthusiastic about opportunities in the following areas ESG Analyst, Sustainability coordinator, CSR, and impact investment analyst. My interest align with a belief that financial success is intertwined with positive social and environmental

Personal Vision

My network can help me by directing me to grassroots organizations that may be in need of an application for food insecurity or partners who are looking to help expedite the efforts of my food insecurity application.

Entrepreneurial Projects

I am working on 2 personal projects.

The first one is a food insecurities application. It directly connects people to the resources that they need without the awkward conversation of not having enough resources. Through the app, clients can create a food budget, and healthy recipes, find organizations that provide food resources, and can also get rewarded coupons from grocery stores when shopping for healthy foods. The application keeps track of data from the client and can be used as a tool for researchers to understand families with food insecurity.

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My area of expertise is Management


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