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Universidad Nacional del Colombia



I'm a Mechanical Engineering student from Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Medellín. I'm 25 years old. Currently, I'm the main leader of a student group called Hydrometra. It's focused on sustainable mobility and energy efficiency. It's a place where students from different careers can learn by doing. We design and manufacture prototypes for racing electric boats and cars. During my whole life, I've been interested in learning everything related to Naval Engineering, and I want to teach others about this topic.

Personal Vision

My vision is to focus my bachelor's degree with a master's degree in Naval Engineering. By the end of this year, I want to postulate to an ERASMUS+ scholarship called EMSHIP. That's my nearest vision. Moreover, with this new opportunity that I'm embracing, I want to apply my knowledge on the SDGs 12th and 14th. Also, I want to keep learning and get more people interested in sustainable mobility in ships.

Personal Vision

I've been in Hydrometra since 2018. It has helped me in finding what to do as a professional and learn everything I wanted to know about ships. This experience encouraged me to apply for the master's degree. So, it's an opportunity for me and also for the current students I'm working with because it could make their dreams come true. I want to maintain this group active by doing a new boat competition here in Colombia with other universities and companies. To succeed in this project, we need to find partnerships.

Entrepreneurial Projects

We're working with national universities and companies related to Naval Engineering in a new competition that is going to be held on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of March of 2023. Our vision for this competition is to inaugurate it next to an international congress called Colombiamar, where enterprises and universities around the world talk about new projects in naval design. Also, we want this to last in Colombia for the following congresses until it reaches the level of international competitions like those held in Europe, and hopefully to bring here new technologies related to this field.

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Teamwork and leadership skills

Soft skills (adaptability, friendliness, listening, communication, creativity, work ethic, attention to detail, empathy)

Analytical and problem-solving skills

Critical thinking skills

Strategic thinking and planning skills

Technical and research skills


Román Piedrahita




My area of expertise is Technology


I will like to learn more Technology

I will like to learn more about Operations

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31-33 Manufacturing

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Carrera 30 # 50A - 34, Copacabana, Antioquia, Colombia



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