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31-33 Manufacturing

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Personal Vision


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Universidad Nacional del Colombia

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I'm Sebastian Rua, I'm 25 years old, and I am a mechanical engineering student, I live in Medellin, Colombia, and my main language is spanish, and I can defend myself in English.

I'm a kind person, who is very curious about new things, I love to learn a lot, and I've been trying to improve my skills on leadership. Usually I in my free time, I like to play Rugby, watch movies, and go out.

Definitely, I would love to be a big mechanical or engineering project leader in 3 years, soon, I will be in my interships as Mechanical engineer, and I will try a lot, to learn how to manage big projects. I like to see all perspectives about the people problems, I like to be a kind leader who can understand that the people can't always give their 100%, and who can move forward the project.

- The network is important, because I need to know people who are leaders of large project, and learn a lot from them.

- In this moment I'm trying to improve my skills as a leader, and I thing that this workshops will help me to get a better version of myselft.


Teamwork, solving problems, leadership, time management and organizational skills, lean, and scrum methodologies


Currently, I'm working in a design team mainly in 3 machines, we solve some problems with mechanical elements.

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My area of expertise is Management


I will like to learn more Technology

I will like to learn more about Operations

Currently working for

Universidad Nacional de Colombia


Design auxiliar engineer

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