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I am

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My area of expertise is Marketing
I will like to learn more about Marketing


The University of Texas at San Antonio
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The United States of America

Currently working for...

Discount Tire
Tire Technician


Howdy! My name is Dustin Mathew Valdez but I also go by Dusty. I am from Mercedes, Texas located in the middle part of the Rio Grande Valley. I enjoy working out, collecting sneakers, and listening to music. I'm excited to finish this degree and see where life takes me!

Personal Vision

My personal vision is within the next 3 years. In the next 3 years I'm manifesting myself working with a fortune 500 company, while at the same time begining to start-up my own business.


1. Expanding my network.

2. Finding a loyal/efficient business partner.

3. In the short run I want to gain as much knowledge as I can and use it within my field of work.


Teamwork/Leadership skills

Microsoft office skills

Communication skills

Customer service skills

Marketing Research skills

Bilingual in English and Spanish

Entrepreneurial Projects

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Contact Info


My Industry of interest is

71 Arts Entertainment & Recreation
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